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Who We Are

Welcome to John Christopher Emporium, the place to find

Bare to Bear Skincare Products.


Bare to Bear is a skincare brand focusing on organic and natural ingredients.  Our mission is to create practical, luxurious, and invigorating products.  We want you to release the "Bear" inside!  


Bears are some of the most intelligent land animals.  They run, crawl, climb, and swim!  Their uncanny sense of smell is unmatched.  They stay warm and cozy during the winters, wrapped in fur, while lounging with a few "cold": ones in the summer... sound familiar?!


We believe your skincare should honor the Bear:  Protect to enjoy!  Bare to Bear offers small-batch handcrafted natural products for all skin types.  We are dedicated to helping you reach your skincare goals and feel confident in your fur :)


Release the Bear!

-John Christopher Emporium 

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